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Wrinkles can undermine your self-confidence. Because aging is inevitable, you may feel you have no control in the matter. But the truth is, you can control wrinkles. How often you move your facial muscles, whether to frown or smile, can really alter your face over time. Those dynamic wrinkles may start to stick, and you may look stuck into certain expressions. That’s where Dysport comes in. Dysport is a FDA-approved injection that temporarily paralyzes muscles. Like BOTOX, it is a neurotoxin that comes from botulinum. If you want to retain your expressions but minimize wrinkles, Dysport at Perfect Skin Med Spa in Houston, Texas is the way to go.

What Makes Dysport Different?

Dysport is a cosmetic procedure that quickly prevents contraction-related wrinkles from making too bold a statement.  Although it is only a temporary solution for the appearance of wrinkles like glabellar lines, crow’s feet and frown lines, the injection is popular because it really seems to relax your look. While the change may be subtle, smoothing out wrinkles near the eye and forehead area can seem to shed years off the appearance. You can bet this treatment is worth the investment.

What Causes Wrinkles?

Many people cite aging as the number one cause of wrinkles, and that may be so. Your facial anatomy involves muscles, facial fat and bones. As you age, you may lose fat in the cheeks and forehead (making you a candidate for Juvederm) while gaining fat in the mouth and jaw area (try Kybella to fight the double chin). You may also lose bone throughout your face, while muscles seem to relax too much. But other factors contribute to wrinkles. Smoking and tanning are just a few.

Muscle movements trigger wrinkles. The marks muscles leave behind are unattractive, but Dysport can relax them.

Dysport houston


Dysport Is For Everyone

Whether you are a man or a woman, you can rejuvenate your appearance with a Dysport injection. Wrinkles may come as a surprise, no matter your age, lifestyle or experiences. Dysport helps you take charge of your appearance so you don’t feel like time is holding you hostage.

Eating Healthy Isn’t Enough

You may have heard preventing wrinkles is about your lifestyle choices. Eating healthy and exercising are very productive activities that can help you manage wrinkles, but they aren’t a comprehensive solution. Treating wrinkles is a science. Injecting muscles with the neurotoxin product Dysport is a well-researched method to minimize wrinkles.

Side Effects of Dysport

Dysport may cause a number of side effects that are uncomfortable. These include headache, injection site pain, eyelid swelling, eyelid drooping, nausea, sinus inflammation, nose and throat irritation and upper respiratory tract infection. Don’t worry, though; these effects are temporary. Most the time, the effects are limited to the injection site.

Dysport Versus BOTOX

Both products are neuromodulators acting to prevent muscles from contracting and inducing wrinkles. The major difference is Dysport effects may show up sooner than BOTOX. For a more thorough investigation into the difference and which might better suit you, consult our trained staff!

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