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We’re the city’s experts on everything skin and body. No BS, just the best.

Our goal is to give every client the greatest experience with the best results. 

About Us

Houston is a city of people who know what they want. From the trendsetter to the executive, our experienced and licensed professionals cater every single service we offer to your lifestyle and treat you like the king or queen you are. Whether you’re looking for a glowing face, a kick of energy, or a sexy and sculpted body, we’ve got you covered.

medspa beauty from houston, tx

Our Midtown facility is committed to staying on top of all the latest innovations in beauty treatments. We provide a huge range of options so that it is easy to find something that will fit your needs. When you want a medical spa that works hard to meet your individual needs, contact Midtown Med Spa. We offer almost every type of treatment and will work hard to make it convenient for you. Call today to set up your free consultation.


Taking control of your skin and body takes commitment. But it also takes services that actually get the job done.