Lifestyle Packages

Service packages specially designed for you, and only you.

For Modern Houstonians

No matter your lifestyle, we make it a priority to make sure our services are geared towards helping you achieve your personal beauty goals. That’s why we’ve created specific packages for every type of modern Houstonian. Which one are you?

Services as unique as you.

The Executive

"Long work days are an understatement. I need a serious boost."

You’re a confident Executive. To you, nothing’s better than a tailored suit and a martini - shaken, not stirred. From decision-maker favorites like Coolsculpting™ to Swedish massages and BOTOX® and fillers, we’ve got services that compliment your Executive lifestyle.

The A-Lister

"All eyes are on me, so my face and body always need to be ready."

You’re a trendsetter who always knows the place to be and what to wear. From celeb-favorites like Coolsculpting™ to eyelash extensions and BOTOX® and fillers, we’ve got services that compliment your A- lister lifestyle.

The Jetsetter

"When I travel my body soaks up the sun – and the stress. SOS!"

You’re a Jetsetter, and from Barcelona to Bora Bora, the world is your playground. From traveler favorites like Coolsculpting™ to laser hair removal and BOTOX® and fillers, we’ve got services that complement your Jetsetter lifestyle.

The Real Housewife

"I may be a housewife, but my looks are always priority."

You’re a Real Housewife of Houston that always has it together. Was that you at the latest brunch hotspot last weekend? From matriarch favorites like Coolsculpting™ to BOTOX® and fillers and PRP facials, we’ve got services that compliment your Real Housewife lifestyle.

The Athlete

"The gym can take my body far, but there’s always more I can do."

You’re an Athletic type that never gives up and strives to be the best version of yourself. From fit-obsessed favorites like Coolsculpting™ to sports massages and cellulite reduction, we’ve got services that complement your Athlete lifestyle.