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If you have been trying to diminish the appearance of skin hyperpigmentation, cleanse your skin pores or get rid of acne-causing bacteria, then you should try Oxygen Facial in Houston, TX to recover your skins’ glow.

Unlike other methods of smoothing out the skin for a more even tone, at Perfect Skin Med Spa, our Oxygen Facials in Houston has minimal to no side effects. Oxygen Facial pumps oxygen into the skin with an ultra-gentle method, making this treatment ideal for sensitive skin and those who want to get rid of wrinkles but have difficulties with injections. This allows our clients to resume normal activities right away and even apply makeup or lotion without worrying about how the skin will react.


What is Oxygen Facial

like in Houston?

The skin could acquire oxygen deficiency by environmental pollutants and cigarette smoke or even age. Oxygen is necessary for a youthful skin due to creating new cells faster and reducing the appearance of blemishes. In addition, collagen is produced by the help of oxygen. Collagen is the protein that makes the skin cells stick together with strength and elasticity. Therefore, it is necessary to provide oxygen to these proteins. Oxygen facial in Houston, will help you replace the dead cells of the skin with new ones. Because of the cell turnover, scars from acne or fine lines can heal.

Additionally, at Perfect Skin Med Spa, we use products that are infused with 87 different vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients, and botanical extracts with highly concentrated oxygen molecules.

For individuals who do not wish to receive injections for smoother skin, Oxygen Facial is recommended at our location in Houston to assimilate the oxygen in your blood into the skin.


The infusion of oxygen and vitamins is good for the skin because it encourages the growth of new cells as well as collagen.


What are the benefits

of Oxygen Facial? *

This procedure is quick and has no downtime for recovery. You can even apply lotion or makeup after the procedure unlike traditional treatments which require a waiting period. However, it is best to consult our skin care specialists for the ideal outcome. Facial Oxygen in Houston is:

  • More affordable than injections
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Non-invasive and has fast cell turnover
  • Boosting collagen and cell growth.
  • Getting rid of wrinkles
  • Diminishing acne scars
  • Detoxifying the skin
  • Enhancing antibacterial power

Many celebrities use this method to hydrate and smoothen their skin.

You will be able to enjoy the results immediately after the treatment and notice its benefits accumulating as the facial volume increases. Oxygen Facial, through its strong regenerative process, will give your facial appearance firm plumpness and improved complexion.


What is the treatment

like for Oxygen Facial

in Houston?

This product has minimal to no side effects and is suitable for individuals who are avoiding chemical treatments and not seeking injectable. Some common side effects may include stinging, itching, or burning.

Oxygen Facials in Houston could take anywhere from 45-60 mins per session. Additionally, our professionals will assess your skin type and needs to provide you with the appropriate treatment. At Perfect Skin Med Spa, we use light to infuse oxygen into the skin. This is a step that will relax the facial skin. Meanwhile, we clean the impurities of the skin surface with our effective products. Then, serum will be applied through an airbrush to hydrate and smoothen the skin. The procedure may be followed by a massage, which will give you a radiant appearance.

For retreatment, we recommend 6-8 sessions in order to maintain luminous skin. If you are unable to do that, even one session of Oxygen Facial in Houston can make your skin smooth and clear.

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If you want to have glowing skin, Oxygen Facial in Houston will strive to make you achieve your aesthetic goals, deliver instant gratification and give you the ultimate hydration without utilizing invasive procedures or injectables, for a smooth and even skin tone.

Book an appointment today for a consultation. Our professionals will help you make the most appropriate decision for your treatment based on your desires and needs.


*Disclaimer: Results for each patient will vary. Please remember that the information provided will not guarantee your eligibility for treatment. Consultation and medical examination must be completed before approval.

The infusion of oxygen and vitamins is good for the skin because it encourages the growth of new cells as well as collagen.

This treatment can also rejuvenate skin that has been exposed to pollutants like tobacco smoke and other toxins that starve cells of oxygen. While some treatments can cost hundreds of dollars, an oxygen facial is still less expensive than popular injections or other fillers.


  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Non-invasive wrinkle reducer
  • Boosts collagen and cell growth

This treatment has also shown success in getting rid of acne scars due to the infusion of oxygen which helps the skin create new cells faster and reduce the appearance of blemishes.